The Ultimate Picnic Table
            Feast your eyes on this!
The ultimate picnic table, this table is based upon a 4 x 8 sheet of
ply and sits 12 people comfortably,with a pitched trellis roof to
protect from the sun and tiled top for outdoor durability. Follow the
photos  and see how the project unfolds, it maybe something you
feel you can tackle yourself or something that you just have to
have either way if you have any questions email me at I will be only too pleased to answer any
questions you might have
The two 6 x 6 post are put 3ft into the ground
and poured with Concrete all wood is pressure
treated and the part of the post that is in the
ground in wrapped in roofing felt for added
protection. See how the 2 x 4 frame for the
table is attached and secured with galvanized
nuts & bolts.
The table top is 4 x 8 3/4 PT ply wood and will
stand up to outdoor elements.
The leg supports for the bench are made from 2 x
6 PT wood,note all screws and fixings are made
from  galvanized steel, you can also use stainless
steel screws if within your budget.
ComCarCab Miami Florida
Tools Used For Project
Dewalt DW 743 Flipover Saw or Combination saw
Bosch 1590 EVS Jigsaw
Bosch Bulldog 11224vrs Drill
Dewalt DW 743  Flipover saw